Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Too tired and sleepy.

Will update my blog tomorrow instead of today because i am freaking tired. and i can't stand the feeling of sitting on my bed using my lappy with air-conditioning and NOT sleeping.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Music soothes everything

Today's PE was extremely fun, not because i'm playing badminton with a girl but was finally able to get that feel of playing a serious badminton match. At first i started off with a 1 to 1 match with Juncai and after awhile, Ritchell came and join in & tag with juncai but within 10 minutes, she asked to vs both of us. 

At first i was like " Wtf? Is she an elite player?! " and then after afew games, there's no doubt that she was one. Although i don't really know but still, you could tell by looking at most of her swift and quick moves. Then after awhile, Xiaoqi followed by Amos joined in the game.

The overall match was surprisingly challenging and fun as what i've expected from the start and luckily my wrist is still in good swinging condition. Hahaha!

Once PE was over, we went to Matrix for our breakfast cum lunch but i don't really seem to have any appetite, maybe it was because of my usual early breakfast or the day back's late supper. Class was so-so and i don't think i would have much to share about in my Electrical SS class.

Mechanical SS class was finally fun as we're asked to remove the hose-reel and re-roll them back. Was watching how Wei jie removes and re-roll the hose reel and was stumbled.. He was like trembling and shivering all over when he was doing his practical work and he literally made everything looked hard to be accomplished.

Played with the water inside the hose-reel you say? Nope, it was effing dirty.. Small patches of the inner layer reel has dropped off and the combination with the water made it look irksome to be played with. 
Practical today was light and easy! 

Went home, did my usual stuff which is bath, eat, nap, feed my fishes and then comp! 

Not much of interesting stuffs came by to visit me today though! So, that's all! Goodnights! 

Tomorrow is the Chinese's Hell Gate Opening! COOL. Be sure to be back home early! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

My math sucks, ALOT!

Went to school as usual today and when i'm on my way passing through the college's bridge, i was called out by the discipline masters/ Student guidance officers or "Bulldog" for a spot check to see if i have any cigarettes on me. 

Had been called out for a spot-check almost every single day.. Do i really looked like someone who smokes?! OMG! Can't believe it! After checking through my whole bag, he asked if i smoke and i replied NO instantly. He then tapped me on my shoulder and say "Okayy, that's good and you can go now". The most annoying thing is he literally messed up my whole bag and didn't bother to zip it back for me but i was like Okayy, forget  it. I ain't someone who can't even manage to zip my own bag, isn't it? 

Continued to class afterwards and time passes swiftly while we were having our Make-up lesson (Mechanical-SS) and it was Break Time! Went on to Refresh for our lunch and proceeded back to our 2nd class which was Electrical-SS. This is the hardest module so far in my pass 3 years of studies in College West as it contains quite alot of units with maths in them. Maths! Yes, this is literally my weakest subject ever. 

Once someone mention the word "Maths", i will jolly well be turned off immediately. I suck in maths and i don't really feel interested in learning maths, to be honest. My best subject will always be English and i don't really understand why, too. This may be part of the reason on why i won't be trying to aim for a higher GPA this year round though i would still work hard trying to achieve at least a 3 if i'm capable of getting it.

Then, was chatting with one of my clique members "Juncai" and chanced upon part of his negative mindset. He told me that he wants to score the highest and to be the best in the class as he doesn't wants to be looked down or to be someone who loses. This was also the reason why he doesn't wants to play FPS games like Black-shot because he always loses and becomes unhappy and end up leaving halfway or ALT + F4. 

Then i asked if the purpose of getting the highest was to show-off and he undeniably replied, yes. Although i agree that aiming for the best and beating the rest in terms of academic results is probably a good thing but being someone who wants to show-off that much to other people doesn't seems right in any way.

So far, my current class RF1304A is 10x more lively and more interesting then my previous Nitec class and this was mainly due to the new classmates being much younger, proactive and definitely this includes my Clique! As i could say, my clique is the most entertaining clique ever because what they/ me do is totally unthinkable. 

I had also re-scripted 2 new blog layouts and will be switching over to them sooner or later once everything had been completed. Tomorrow i will be having PE in the morning! This would probably be the only best day in the whole week as i could play badminton with my fellow mates. #I love PE!

Still remembered, back then my friend and I went to sign up and participated in the International Badminton league/ Championship or some-sort of a competition which is just located beside my house, the (Singapore Sports School)! Just won the 3rd place only but still gained several different pointers from several different professional badminton players from other countries on that fruitful day itself. 

The one and only sport that i freaking hate was swimming! Want to know why? I hate being half-naked/ naked in public, hate my hair getting all messed up underwater, hate being unable to open my eyes underwater w/o wearing a goggle and most importantly, i don't really know how to swim that well because i'm seriously scared of drowning myself! Hahaha!

#i love sports but not water!

I shall end it here and i'm going on to have my supper, Goodnights!  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Previous hobby

Hey! I know it has not even past 24 hours since my last entry has been made. Many things can come and go through my mind in a minimal 30minutes and i could say that most of them aren't good stuffs though. Hahaha!

Yes! My title as you can see, is stating on my previous hobby which is Fish Keeping. I love keeping fishes (Mainly FreshWater) as pets since i couldn't get myself a puppy/ husky nor a kitten because my dad has Asthma and my mum is lazy to clean up their poop! So, keeping fishes/ hamsters or any other smaller specimens is my one and only choice.

For once, i've thought that keeping an Aquarium is a hard chore, even harder then most pet owners but actually it's not! Started an Aquarium from 2009/ 2010 (could hardly even remember the date) with my good friend (ben) who is my one and only friend who had the same hobby as me back then. We worked on various different Freshwater species till Today, we're still doing the same, just that now we were already on a hiked up money consuming hobby as we are keeping real big carnivorous fishes which their meals ranges up from $25 to $40 per day and could even go up to an unexpected amount of money when it reaches months.

The number of species we've been keeping hikes up greatly from time to time as our resistance to the newer and even beautiful fishes gets lower and lower. Shall i tell you what types of Freshwater specimens we've been keeping for the past few years? 

"Arowanas, Stingrays (Motoro), Barramundi/ Seabass (Kim Ba Lor), Red Tail Catfish, Giant Snakeheads (Toman), Peacock Bass (Orino, C, and more), Red Bellied Pacu, Clown Knife, Oscars, Bichirs and even more.

Fishing is also one of my favorite hobbies back then. The excitement when you and the fish on hook is battling out on seeing who's the strongest to win & the disappointment when you're about to reel in the catch and it is snapped half by a big adult Giant Snakehead lurking somewhere nearby. Have already retired from fishing but not from fish keeping! 

The numbers of Aquarium Tanks in my house is at least 5, at most 8. Sizes ranging from 1 feet to a total up of 8 feet. Had been reprimanded by my parents for using so much water but they are still lovable enough to pay them for me without asking me to work my ass off in the holidays to pay them back!
Say till parents, i couldn't even express how much i loved them because they are just damn awesome parents given to me by god. They aren't bias, irritating, old fashioned, over-protective and such. They had given me a whole load of freedom which in-turns make me a much better person. Could you believe it? They even scolded me for staying at home everyday and asked if i would like to get some money from them and go hang out with my friends outside?! 

As most parents would either limit their children's time-slot most of the time, mine is entirely the opposite! 

Now, the next topic will be on Friends who dumps their Friend for the opposite gender. Seriously, this is not making any sense at all and these people are an eyesore to me. Could their best friend mean nothing compared to a pretty/ sexy girl? No! This is just pure lust! 

If i were to examine myself on this, i will say no, i won't do this to my friends because i am freaking anti-social with girls and out of a 100%. I would say 99% i hang out with guys and 1% with girls. Another important pointer is that i couldn't withstand flirts and i do not mean by being over friendly. They are gross and i will do all i could to avoid them at all cost. 

It's really hard to get a good partner now-a-days due to many of them are being overly obsessed in lust and such. Most of them aren't (Clean) anymore and you wouldn't know.

Will start to blog more about my school life once it hits tomorrow! And tomorrow, my reporting time has been changed to 8am instead of the usual 12pm. Jeez, because we are going to have.... MAKE UP CLASS! BOO YEAH. THIS IS NONSENSE! Well, I still love to go to school everyday even when i'm sick in-fact, there is this one time when i'm having fever and the doctor offered me the MC and i took it but still went to school on time! 
To be honest, the motivation for me to go to school is 50% pretty girls in school, 50% my current interesting and lively class. Eh! I'm honest okayy?! 

Okayy, now. Just to end up with some pictures! There's a video of me feeding my NANO (small) tank fishes but i'm lazy to upload it on youtube right now so it'll be uploaded and posted in tomorrow's entry instead! Enjoy! 

Red Bellied Pacu

Juvenile Orino Peacock Bass

Tiger Oscar

Polypertus Bichir & Baby Red bellied Pacus


Big adult Cichila Keliberi

1.5kg half juvenile Giant Snakehead

1 Tiger Oscar, 1 Albino Oscar and 1 baby Koi fish!

Jardini (Pearl Arowana)

Big feeder bullfrogs, food for my monster fishes!


Adult Oscar, Polypertus bichir behind!

2 small sized albino oscars and 1 polypertus senegalus bichir!

Oscars eats and spits out the food from it's gills, normally the main cause of the debris under the bottom of the tank.

2 baby Indo Tigers. Can grow into a freaking big bar size!

Big polypertus, 1 cichila.

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Just like what the title shows, i've spent like almost 6 full hours on "renovating" my old blog! And it's a total bullshit. Was surfing on sites like, and MORE MORE MORE for the whole day and in the end non of the skins turned out right for me.

This is absolutely crazy and in the end, i went for Etheral's template and went even more crazy on working in all the crappy fonts and color codes although these are already considered cakes than to the almighty whole javascripting crap bread. Well for new readers, the first entry which i have always entered will always be a super duper long rant post instead of a well, polite, gentle or whatsoever post.

Non-schooling days will definitely be appreciated by me since i could easily spend the whole day sitting here 24/7 using the PC mainly just to work on my dearest blog!

Well, things are going smoothly for now and that's all i could say. Though most of the banners/ base pictures would still require at least 2 days to be tested, up and going. To me, blogging is mainly for me to relieve stress as this "Stress" can really impact on me real hard. Another point may seem to be common among any other bloggers and it is to share their daily lifestyle habits.

So.. It's still not 100% done yet but it will be in the next few days and i will still continue to make it simple looking, clean and neat! Definitely worth the time huh? Looking on, the HUGE main picture ontop is actually my current class photo which was taken @ East Coast Park. This would be my temporary "Main" photo for now because other small sized photos do not fit in nicely and aren't justified on default.

Alrighty right, i shall end my post here! Goodnights! :)

Suggestions/ Comments? Be sure to leave them in the comment logs/ Shoutmix for me to review!